UNDECIMAR has developed extension activities in the social environment since its foundation, seeking to integrate research and teaching within the framework of social interest problems. This has been carried out with communities of artisanal fishermen as well as with other social sectors sensitized with environmental issues of the Uruguayan coasts and seas.

In particular, UNDECIMAR has maintained a constant and lasting link with the sector dedicated to the extraction of yellow clam in La Coronilla and Barra del Chuy, Rocha department. Together with clam producers, the main problems faced by the activity are analyzed. Seminars and workshops are held periodically where relevant research activities are planned to address the main biological and ecological problems that are faced.

In 2018 a project begins, in which improvements in the purification of yellow clam will be investigated, meeting a demand for specific research required by this artisanal sector. The project “Towards the innovation of the post-extractive processing of the yellow clam, Mesodesma mactroides“, proposes the development of protocols for the purification of clams (e.g. algal toxins), the determination of the conditions to maximize the survival in captivity and the determination of optimal transport and storage conditions. One last objective is to promote the insertion and integration of yellow clam in the national gastronomic sector, through the definition of different marketing routes for products and presentations and innovative preparations from this species.

UNDECIMAR, also carries out a strategy of dissemination of its activities, giving talks and interviews of various kinds.