Marine Science Lab

This Lab was created by the Central Directive Council of the University of the Republic (UdelaR) to achieve a critical mass in disciplines related to Marine Sciences and to establish regional and international scientific links that enable the development of research and training in these field sciences. The strategy includes the realization of cooperation agreements with various state or private institutions, national and international, which, with similar objectives, provide opportunities for interrelation in teaching and research, participating in training aimed at overcoming the deficiencies detected in the country. UNDECIMAR is responsible for undergraduate and postgraduate training activities at the Master and Doctorate levels, and research and extension activities in Marine Sciences. In October 2004 the Lab was incorporated by the Council of the Faculty of Sciences to the Department of Ecology and then to end of 2010 to the Department of Ecology and Evolution. The disciplines and sub-disciplines covered by this lab are marine ecology, population dynamics, benthic community ecology, ecosystem analysis, marine zoology (life cycle studies of marine and estuarine organisms).